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It has been brought to my attention that several sales people are e-mailing our forum members privately about certain cancer therapies, in perticular alternative therapies.  There is no way this can be controlled; but these e-mails are not endorsed by this forum.  Often the e-mail will say that this forum is owned by pharmaceutical companies as seen in the advertisements on the Medicine On Line and therefore will not talk or endorse alternative therapies.  Yes, The Medicine on Line has connection through advertisements with various drug companies; as do all Medical Sites.  However; to imply that this forum is dictated too or refuses to talk on alternative therapies is outlandish and slanderous.  What we are not permitted to do on our forum is to endorse products, therapies or procedures as we are not in the Medical field.  Often people with cancer will use both traditional and alternative as complimentary.  The only thing I suggest to this is to make sure your doctor knows every thing you are taking.  This is for the person's safety.  I ask if you are e-mailing our members personally that you not use deceptive advertisement or make false accusations.  Your cooperation to this matter of importance is most appreciated.  Sincerely, lillian