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[MOL] Dave B. and my "old" MOL friends

Dave, I am one of those "lurking" MOLs!  I have read your messages with
great interest.  I think it is on Monday that you said that you need to tell
your doctor whether you are going to do chemo or not.  I don't know if the
following will help you or not, but you might find it interesting.

My cancer journey began almost 5 years ago (on June 27, 1995)!  I was at
first diagnosed with ovarian cancer (which was found during a routine hernia
operation) but when surgery was done, it was decided that it was peritoneal
cancer.  I had 12 rounds of carboplatin and taxol (once every 4 weeks).  At
the end of that series I had a PET scan and CAT scan done and both showed NO
signs of cancer.  That's the good news!  Then 6 months later I had to have
another hernia repaired and even though there was no sign of tumors, the
biopsy showed that there was still cancer present.  My onc decided that I
should not have any chemo at that time.  He said that my immune system was
in good shape and he didn't want to disrupt it with more chemo.  So, we just
play a waiting game!  About a yr. and a half later I had yet another hernia
surgery (this time they put a "screen door" in!) and the surgeon found the
same thing.  No tumors but biopsy showed cancer.  That was in April, 1998.
So, which is responsible for me still being here 5 years later?  I wish that
I knew!!!!!  

I know that whatever you chose will be the right thing.  It sounds like you
are in good shape and that is certainly a positive factor!!

Now, to those of you who remember me from way back when, I should have more
time to put into keeping up with all of you.  The school year has ended and
I even went one step further and retired!!!  I don't have enough years in
the retirement system but I felt this was the right things for me to do at
this time.  I am feeling good and wanted to enjoy some "me" time.  Our boys
are through college now (which was my main goal for continuing to teach
while I was going through all of this cancer stuff these past 5 years)!

We just returned from a week's visit in southern CA with our 2 sons.  Boy,
have my husband and I been blessed!

So, take care ALL of you, and I promise that I will be in touch more.  I
have never been a researcher like our wonderful Lillian, but I do like to
put in my 2 cents worth every once in awhile!!

Mary Ann (the Ohio 1)

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