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Re: [MOL] Dave

I was amused at your rendition of the doctor's office.  For years that is 
what I've run into.  Until I met my current doctor.  She allots no less than 
an hour per patient and takes more if needed.  I see her almost weekly.
    She told me that during med school they actually were tested on how fast 
they could get a patient in and out.  If they took over 15 minutes, they 
failed.  She hated it.  Said you can't find anything out that way.  I agreed.
    Then I met my radiologist.  For new patients he set up no less than 2 
hours for the first visit.  He wants every answer given before letting you 
go.  If you don't ask he gives you info until you do ask.  He's awesome.
    My onc who did my chemo was pretty good too.  My first visit took an 
hour.  After that it was 5 or 10, but always willing to stick around if I had 
question.  Never rushed me out.
    I have been blessed with a wonderful medical team.  I wish HMOs were so 

anyway, luv ya all,
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