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Re: [MOL] Lisa


I have not been able to write much but I do want to let you know my thoughts 
and prayers are very much with you and your family right now.  You continue 
to show what a caring daughter you are while still trying to balance all the 
demands in your life.  You should be proud!  I know these words won't mean a 
lot right now, but when you reflect back on these past few months... sometime 
down the road... you will be able to lift your head high and know in your 
heart you did everything you could for your mom.

But I expect that is just how you live your life.  And anyone touched by you 
will be all the more special for having you in their lives.  As we are here 
on the MOL forum.  We are blessed to have you with us as an inspiration and a 
constant source of support.

Take care of yourself too my friend.  You are just as special as all those 
you care for.

Love,  Kathy Q
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