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Re: [MOL] Can Green Tea Fight Cacner?


Bigelow...........................I'm going out today and will load up on 
green tea.

I downed the garlic "thing" before I knew what I was doing. Since I smoked for
40 years......I guess my body said............"here he goes again" and just 
the garlic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to my Oncologist this A.M. and asked more questions that I think he 
wanted to hear, but he took all the time I needed. If ya been following my 
postings, it's been six weeks since my surgery and I couldn't decide on 
"preventive" chemo or not. Well
after all is said and done.....I told him I'll call him Monday with an 
I'm such a woose!!!!!!!!!!! I actually think I'm going to take 4 servings of 
chemo started
off by some steroids...........for dessert I will exercise, eat healthy, take 
lots of vitamins and top it off with meditation. 
The only thing I am sure I will not do is Juice fresh garlic!!!!!


Dave B
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