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RE: [MOL] Lisa

Title: RE: [MOL] Lisa

God Bless you Lisa, you will need his strength more than ever now.  Your husband will help you with the children.  Just go, be with her, & cherish her as much as you can.  Now, you had mentioned that you guys don't normally talk about things like how much time she might have left.  This is just a suggestion and it might not apply but I know the last time Mom was in the hospital, I let her know that while I would love for her to be here forever, it would be ok if she was done with struggling.  I made sure she understood that I wasn't giving up, but that I would be ok.  Not that she needed my permission but I think it reassured her that when her time is here, she won't have the anxiety of feeling like she is abandoning us or that I will be completely devastated (although I will be, I'm sure).  My Mom has always thought of others especially me & my sister before she ever thought of anyone else so in her situation, it was appropriate for me to let her know that it was ok.  Again, this might not be what your Mom wants to hear but its a thought, just the same.  Good luck Lisa, I know this is an intense time.