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[MOL] nurses should know better !

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone's hanging in there -  best wishes to all of you !

We've been spending more time in hospitals these last two days - patty
was feeling very weak, and I took her on Monday for a blood test and
they found a very low hemoglobin count, so we were in for a blood
transfusion yesterday. And today, two days after she had stopped the
steroid dose, the loss of motor and speech functions caused by the brain
swelling returned, and she was back in hospital for observation. So much
for peace between chemo sessions !

Anyway, both days we were taken care of by well meaning wo proceeded to
empathize with us by telling us horror stories of their own friends and
relatives who had suffered and died from cancer ..this nurse today told
us she knew exactly how we felt because her father-in-law had just died
from the NSCLC after (and I quote here precisely) "months of terrible
pain", and a second nurse told us yeserday about her friend who had lost
her speech and hearing after a brain tumor.

These are the last stories we want to hear when we are already at the
hospital stressed out by the current symptoms - as medical
professionals, shouldn't nurses know better ?


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