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Re: [MOL] Fatigue in assocation with Chemo

Hi Jeanie,
    I wish I knew what to tell you.  I know I was very fatigued after each 
chemo session, but I only slept most of 3 or 4 days away and then slowly 
regained strength until the next one 3 weeks later.  Sounds to me, if I 
understand you correctly, that she is on oral chemo daily.  I know there are 
natural things to help, but would ask someone who knows far better than me 
and one who knows your mother's personal background.  Everyone's different, 
and, I'm finding, every treatment seems to be different.  What may be good me 
may not be good for her, but sleeping that long sounds like it needs to be 
    I'll keep you both in prayer.
Luv ya much,
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