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Re: [MOL] A good informational site for most cancers....

Kathy, I was fearful of sending that link; as some of it was negative and it
breaks my heart to send negative things.  On the other hand, it is not good
to shield people; so I just send everything I can, hoping that something
positive will be gleamed from it.  A little here, a little there eventually
builds up to a lot of knowledge.

I sent a trunk on down to Orlando; but for some reason they shipped it back
to me.  Something about your not there yet!!!! LOL!  Can't wait.  Hope to
get on to the album tonight.  Just not getting too far with getting the
picture's up and can not figure what I am doing wrong.  Oh!  I know it's me! you friend, lillian

By the way Susan only lives a couple of hour's from Olando....Small world we

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