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Re: [MOL] Fatigue in assocation with Chemo

Dear Jeanie:  I was on a very similar regimin two plus years ago.  I was 
given VP-16, Cisplatin, Carboplatin, Taxol, and Taxotere in varying 
combinations.  The first two rounds were the most difficult for me, and I was 
exhausted.  I didn't feel good enough to read or watch TV -- I slept most of 
the time.  After the first two rounds, however, it was a little easier to 
tolerate.  Today I feel fine, but the memories of chemo still remain.  I 
didn't lose any appreciable muscle mass as a result of the chemo, however -- 
mostly weight, and I've gained much of it back.  I did get very thin, but 
this was a result of loss of appetite.  This returns, too, although it takes 
awhile.  You're right to encourage her to exercise as much as possible, but 
remember -- the first step is a lulu!!!

Your friend, Kathy in Boise  
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