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Re: [MOL] Susan!

    We must be soul mates as I never find a darn thing, either!  My biggest 
coup at a garage sale was a metal glider swing thing (does that make sense), 
with new cushions, for my back porch.  Cost:  $20.00.  Of course, it ended up 
on my mom's new front porch (more space for her to decorate and boy has 
she!).  I can't find clothes (being exceptionally large could be a problem 
there :) ), I can't find books, I can't find household fun things, nothing!!  
She feels like she wins the lottery each time she goes!  

As for being winded, my mom's right with you.  She decided she needed to 
learn how to use her riding lawn mower to mow her lawn.  My 17 yr old showed 
her how to get it going (he's been mowing it) and now she can't go outside 
because the heat and humidity (90 degrees with 70% humidity) keeps her even 
from her newspaper and mail.  I can't imagine how hard it must be for her to 
breathe even "good" air, let alone air laden with liquid!!
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