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[MOL] Cancer in the Pleural lung


I happen to come across a note that you responded too. I need some help with
some answers I have. 

My dad recently was diagnosed as having Cancer in the pleural cavity in his
lungs. To me it does not mean anything. They say he has no mass but it is in
the advanced stage. How they found that he had it was, he came down with a
cold and it got progressively worse. He started to get real sort of breath.
Finally they did a chest x-ray and found he had water in the area  . Upon
draining the fluid and testing and scrapping they found that it had cancer

They have done alot of other test but have found no mass. He is now going
for a second option at Cleveland clinic with a doctor who specializes in
pleural cancers. He is 62 has not smoked in 20 years, was exposed to some
asbestos in some of his work. I would not say alot but enough. 

My questions for you. What does it mean by advanced stag? Is there no cure
for advanced?

Do you have any patients or heard of any that have survived this type of
cancer? What has been the average life expectancy for these type of patient?
Meaning average, I know everybody's make is different.

Is there limp nodes in the chest cavity? If so how often have you seen this
spread into the limpnodatic system.?

I need to know some answer so I can prepare myself and my family. I am a
pessimistic and do not have a good feeling about this. I am thinking months
to a year for his condition. 

Thanks for your time

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