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[MOL] Questionnaire Explores Patients' Attitudes Toward Death

Questionnaire Explores Patients' Attitudes Toward Death
    [06/15/2000; Reuters News Service]

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A simple ``true-or-false'' questionnaire
could help reveal how dying patients view death and their end-of-life
care, according to a report in the June 15th issue of Cancer. While
it is intended more as a tool to aid research in dying patients,
the questionnaire--called the Schedule of Attitudes toward Hastened
Death (SAHD)--could also serve as a measurement of a patient's
desire to die, according to researchers. The questions could
allow doctors with terminally ill patients to find out things
they may be less-than-comfortable asking--from how they feel
about their care to whether they have suicidal thoughts, Dr.
Barry Rosenfeld told Reuters Health.In the ongoing debate over
physician-assisted suicide, the questionnaire may also shed light
on exactly what factors may prompt patients to request help in
hastening death.

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