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[MOL] Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 21:19:04 -0000

    I am physician, specialist for gyneacology and obstetretic with special interest for reproductive immunology and cancer immunology. You will say, it is overmuch for one physician. However, this combination maybe have sense, because immunosuppressive mechanisms in pregnancy and patient with cancer is very similarly. Similarty between this two mechanisms is too big, that every randomness is lock out, and instigate us on conclusion that tihs two mecahanisms is nearly same.
    Mamalians immune system, in most cases, is very narrow in conflikt with cancers cells. Reasons for laxity mamalians immune system against cancer cells is deeply in evolution mamalians manner of reproduction.
    If we regard mechanisms immune-anti-tumour defense in other vertebrates classes like fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds, we can see that this mechanisms in nonmamalians vertebrates is fairly different in regard mamalians. Consequently, difference exist (between mamalians and nonmamalians vertebrates) in occur incidence of clinical forms malignant tumours and immune-anti-tumour efficiency.
    My comparative (biomedical and epidemiological) research between frequency malignant tumours in birds (raptors species) populations and mamalians (rodents species) populations show that malignant tumours is most frequently in mamalians populations than birds populations. Also, my immuno-biomedical researche, about antitumour activity in birds, preliminary show that birds immune system is most effective than mamalians immune system.
    From angle one reproductive immunologist like me, this status is very logic. My conclusion is; mamalians pay price for own manner of reproduction in incomplete immune-anti-tumour defense and high incidence clinical forms of malignant tumours.
    This aspect maybe an new approach in tumour immunology and give as many new probability for new ANTI-CANCER VACCINES.
Naturally, I can present many details about my work and my theory, but I dont want acquire Your rare time.
    If You know for any project (e.g. postdoctoral study) which is linked for any of 1,2,3 themes or similary, please inform me.
1. Analogy between mechanisms in cancer immunology and reproductive immunology.
2. Comaparative study about immune-anti-tumour defense between mamalians and nonmamalians vertebrates.
3. Possibility for mechanisms transfer immune-anti-tumour defense from nonmamalians vertebrates on mamalians.
                                                                                                                                                                Harty regards
dr med. sci. Bubanovic Ivan, 34 years old.
Specialist for Gyneacology and Obstetretic
and Reproductive Immunology
Medical Faculty - Nis
Clinic for Gyneacology and Obstetretic - Nis