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[MOL] thanks

Thanks to everybody who posted this morning offering support to us (my
wife, 43, non-smoker, dx NSCLC 4 weeks ago, metastarized to liver,
ovaries and brain) -its been a rough week. She ran a temperature of 102
degrees earlier this week and we spent a tense day at the ER running
tests for infection. Fortunately nothing was found, but tomorrow we're
back at the hospital for a surgery to put a port in and another round of
chemo - a long day and we're already tired of hospitals this week.
Thanks Lillian for offering info about trials - we have a whole list
that we are looking at as possibilities if the first line treatment
doesn't work - unfortunately the brain met makes her ineligible for a
lot of the trials, though we will try and push if we have to.

Its also heartening to read about how other parents have dealt with kids
in this situation - we have a 6 yr. old son, and we have been as open
with him as possible without scaring him needlessly - but he does worry
and that's very painful - this is the last thing he should be thinking
about at this age. All we can do right now is to give him all the love
and support he needs - i am really beginning to believe in the
transcendent powers of love. So we're hanging in there like everyone
else on this list - i think posirive energy works wonders. So thanks
again to all who wrote, and think of us as we spend endless hours in the
hospital again tomorrow.

Des Moines, Iowa

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