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Re: [MOL] nancy! update on Don

Hi Lil & all Mols,
Sorry I haven't been on.  Thank you Lil for asking.  Bess, I am so sorry to hear of your
loss.  God bless you.  Marty, glad to see your back and had a wonderful time, sorry about
the news you came home to.  I pray that Kathy C. has a wonderful vacation.  Chris, has
your Dad told you his test results?  I pray all is well there.  Has anyone heard from our
Cori?  Peggy you are a sweetie, Joicy thank you for all your caring posts to us.  All of you
have a special place in my heart, I thank you all for being you.  Sorry if I missed any one,
but my mind is about to sleep.  I love and pray for all of you.
Thank you for all your support.  I just don't have the time to be online much.  Or even have
my computer on for that matter.
Don is not doing very well, lots of pain, not eating much and his memory is not good.
He is giving me trouble about taking his meds, but will take them from my Daughter.
Mother is failing more, losing more weight, getting very weak, doesn't have control of
her bowls, makes a stinky mess for me every day, oh joy!!!  Poop!
I went to the Doctor last week and I again have pneumonia, I am starting to feel a little better.
Still sleeping in my recliner.
This is a really a rough time in my life for me with having what looks like I am about to lose
my mother and my Husband.  Right now I am having a rough time dealing will seeing them
both suffering and perparing to leave me behind.
Watching Don suffer is the worst, he has always been tough when it came to pain, so it has
to be really bad.  Sorry I don't have more time to be here for everyone.  I have to go, Don needs me
Love, hugs & prayers to all of you and yours,
Nanc ():-)
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Checking in with you to see how you are doing.  How is Don doing, your mother and your darling grand daughter?  Keeping you all in prayer your friend, lillian
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