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Re: [MOL] Just joined

Dear Pat,
    I'm a day behind in my reading, but wanted to jump in and welcome you.  
You certainly weren't rambling, you were just becoming part of our family.  
Always glad to have another sister around.
    As far as your father is concerned, never give up.  Yes, there will come 
a time one day when we all have to say goodbye, but only the good Lord knows 
when that time will be.  Just make every moment you have with him the most 
special it can be. Our short times on this earth is a gift from God.  
Treasure every moment.
    I am sorry about your mother and lift you up in prayer for your grief and 
ask for peace and comfort for you.  
    I just finished with radiation treatments almost a month ago for breast 
cancer and am doing great.  I am healing quickly but know I must always keep 
watch.  But I'm not going to let this thing run my life.  The Lord gave me a 
life to live for Him and share with others, and no cancer in the world can 
stop that.
    Be well and God bless.  Again, welcome.
Luv ya,
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