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[MOL] Tom's Obit

Dear Friends:
    Thank you all one and all for your incredible outpouring of support and 
wonderful touching emails to me at this traumatic time.
    It is now one week exactly since my dear Tom died.  I am still searching 
for the perfect urn to keep his ashes in. I am vacillating between a rather 
expensive peach alabaster globe shaped urn or some beautiful oriental object 
that I might find at an antique or crafts shop.   This Tuesday which will be 
our 25th wedding anniversary, I have invited a few close friends to drink 
champagne and have Beluga Caviar for a brief toast.  I hope Tom will be there 
in spirit. I will try to have a suitable memorial service in mid July--the 
new Planetarium would be nice given his interest in the universe, but I don't 
know if this is possible. Tom's colleagues at NHK, his network, are also 
planning to create a memorial web page for him where we can put pictures and 
send in recollections.  I thought you might be interested in seeing the obit 
notice placed in today's National New York Times.    Love, Bess

The New York Times
Sunday, June 11, 2000
National Edition

TOGASHI, TOM--pioneering Japanese TV journalist, loved and admired by
colleagues, friends, and family--died at home in New York City on June
4, of lung cancer at age 63. A fisherman's son from Northern Japan, he
earned a law degree from Chuo University in Tokyo and was awarded a law
scholarship from the University of Kansas in Lawrence in 1959.  At a
time when young Japanese rarely left their homeland, he explored every
part of the country he loved and eventually become an American citizen.
During the turbulent 60s he took part in almost every major event,
became a well-known figure in the East Village, working with LaMama and
other groups.  He then went on to make award winning documentaries for
Japanese and American public television. His passionate interest in
astronomy was reflected in an impressive international NHK-TV Galactic
Odyssey series.  In 1996 he received a Media Achievement Award from the
International Society for the Study of Dissociation for his sensitive TV 
portrayal of multiple personality disorder. His beaming smile and integrity 
won the
hearts of all who loved and worked with him--whose personal and
professional lives he so deeply touched. He will be remembered for his
compassion...his playful wit and intellectual curiosity...for his
loyalty, tolerance of others, and unwavering decency...and for the
courage with which he faced his final challenge.  His life was shorter
than it might have been, but as rich and full as it could have been.  He
is survived by his wife, Bess Heitner, and his brother, Hitoshi, in New
York City and his mother Kikumi and family in Japan..

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