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[MOL] Chemo effects

I noticed your Dad had Taxotere/carbo with side effects;  was wondering what effects and how severe. Taxotere sounds so
promising. They put Daddy on it after having Taxol. He is taking weekly treatments. Onc nurse said they have found lower dose more often  more easily tolerated and hopefully more effective. He is 81 and drives himself 40 miles round trip to chemo and do errands. My brother & I meet him there(don't feel like anyone should do chemo alone) After 3 weeks of Taxotere he couldn't walk from one room to another without heaving for air. He called and asked me to drive him to chemo(that really broke his spirit). Well after telling the Dr we thought it was Taxotere and a CT Scan to rule out cancer growing(actually shrank some) back to Taxol-he was on O2 full time, no appetite, nausea, and very weak. NOW- O2 just seldom, appetite back, and has his independence back; driving himself again. I haven't found any info about anyone else having such breathing problems with Taxotere. He also gets carbo once a month (with both drugs) he gets 4 premedsIV with Taxol but only got 2(Anzemet & Decadron) with Taxotere because it was supposed to be easier on  him(???) He is doing well now-his hope has beenthat chemo will buy him enough time that he will just go peacefully from natural causes. He was Mom's primary caregiver so knows the road ahead.  About the posting about grief; after Mom died we went to grief classes by Hospice and the leader approached it spiritually which was wonderful; said we all grieve in our own time frame so don't let anyone tell you that you should be over it by now and you have to "go thro" grief; not around , over or under it.   Pat