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Re: [MOL] Just joined/Welcome Pat

Hi Pat, nice to meet you.  

You are right - losing the last parent is nearly unthinkable! And especially 
when you are only 37 yrs old - here I am like a big crybaby - at 48! But my 
stepmother was just as devastated when her mother had to go to a nursing home 
at 98 and passed away at close to 101. Virginia was herself about 70 yrs old 
then. I think the truth is that we are never ready to stop being someone's 
"little girl" anymore, no matter our age or our parent's ages and condition 
of health. 

I know that when the time comes for my Dad to go to His Maker that I won't be 
ready no matter how many years I have to prepare - but most importantly, I 
pray that he (my Dad) will be ready, not from pain, but just from whatever 
readiness is - fatigue maybe.  At that time I will try hard to focus on his 
being with my Mom again and all my grandparents.  My heart and prayers are 
with you and your Dad, Pat. God bless you both. -chris
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