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[MOL] Just joined

Hi, my name is Pat (female) and my Dad has bronchoalveolar lung cancer. We lost Mom Sept 97- 10 months after being dx with Mesothelioma; a rare lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure. From what I've read she was probably exposed from Daddy's clothes-he was in Navy on subs for 20 yrs(I guess that means I was exposed also. Last Sept- 2 yrs after Mom died Daddy was dx with his lung  cancer. The difference between   her case & Daddy's is sad. She was told she could take some chemo treatments to maybe feel better and give her a few more months; now Daddy was told although surgery not option chemo was and could be probably give him more time. I  felt like they just gave up on Mom.
Daddy has had 12 weekly treatments of Taxol & carbo once a month. He took 4 treaments of Taxotere but couldn't tolerate it;it put him on oxygen fulltime; now back on Taxol he's not on O2. I've been reading thro the archives and was going to join after I was done but just couldn't wait; all of you are such warm, caring people I just had to jump right in. It's hard enough to lose one parent(or any family member) but two  is going to be really hard to deal with. Enough rambling...may God bless and care for all of you.