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[MOL] update on Joey

Hi all, it's been a long time since Joey and I have been here!  Until 
recently, I could read letters and share with him your thoughts of 
inspiration and hope, and he would dictate responses, and often sound advice 
for others.  We both have enjoyed, been uplifted, been inspired, and agree 
that God had led us to this forum.  Joey went in to the hospital on May 14th, 
and came home May 22, with much persistence of his family.  We now have a 
hospice nurse who visits twice a week, and makes every effort to keep him 
comfortable.  Very quickly cancer has crippled Joey both physically, 
mentally, and emotionally.  He was diagnosed 12/99 with lung cancer, stage 
IV, and made a valiant effort to endure very aggressive treatments, including 
5 months of chemo weekly and radiation 5 days a week.  He dreaded my attempts 
to discuss his care when I became his power of attorney, but to neither of 
our liking, his wishes were made known.  I no longer have the 37 year old man 
that rebuked pessimistic talk, or persuaded his doctors to try something 
else.  I miss him dearly, and thank God when he is able to hear and 
understand me, although they are farther and fewer in between.  Joey's nurse 
assured me today that he is in transition, and that she is sure that we are 
suffering more than he is right now.  I know that he is comfortable and I 
pray that the decision to bring him home will hold true and right in my 
heart.  What I need to say, and am sure my brother agrees, is that although 
there is not always a face, we have been blessed with enough Guardian angels, 
and knowing you has made our journey bearable.  Your presence in our life has 
enriched our spiritual growth.  Your miracles gave us the hope and strength 
to motivate our sometimes depressed spirits, and carry on.  We have been 
blessed with first hand knowledge, that kindness in man kind is strong and 
growing.  That someone we will never meet face to face can impact anothers, 
ours, lives so richly.  For now, I need to believe, that in his mind, my 
brother is fishing with people he loves!

We believe in miracles,
Joanne Baranoski
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