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[MOL] Humor-G-Rated!

> 1. Seymour was a good and pious man, and when he passed
> away, the Lord himself greeted him at the pearly gates of
> heaven.
> "Hungry, Seymour?" the Lord asked.
> "I could eat," said Seymour.
> The Lord opened a can of tuna, and they shared it.
> While eating this humble meal, Seymour looked down into Hell
> and noticed the inhabitants devouring enormous steaks,
> pheasant, pastries and vodka.
> The next day, the Lord again asked Seymour if he were
> hungry, and Seymour again said, "I could eat."
> Once again, a can of tuna was opened and shared, while down
> below Seymour noticed a feast of caviar, champagne, lamb,
> truffles, brandy, and chocolates.
> The following day, mealtime arrived and another can of tuna
> was opened.
> Meekly, Seymour said, "Lord, I am very happy to be in
> heaven as a reward for the good life I lived. But, this is heaven,
> and all I get to eat is tuna. But in the Other Place, they eat like
> Kings. I just don't understand."
> "To be honest, Seymour," the Lord said, "for just two people,
> does it pay to cook?"
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