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[MOL] Lisa

Dear Lisa,
    I haven't written to you personally because I have only been getting bits 
and pieces of your story.  I can tell by your posts that you have a strong 
faith in the Lord.  This will keep you going even when you can't spend time 
with us.
    When you are here, feel free to cry, scream, vent, laugh, smile, love, 
care, or just plain talk.  We all do and are better off for it.  We are here 
for you, as I'm sure you've already discovered.
    You just hang onto the Lord and He will get you through this and your 
mother and family as well.  I will pray right now for courage, strength, 
compassion and love and a deep joy and peace even in this time of adversity.  
For your mom I pray for no pain and a peace of mind no matter what happen.  
For your family I pray an understanding and support for you and comfort and 
strength for the things to come.  God be with you and bless you in all ways.
Luv ya,
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