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Re: [MOL] can anyone help me with this???

Dear Allie,
    Have you seen a doctor?  Your parents need to go with you to a doctor so 
the doctor can impress upon them what they are doing to you.  Even if they 
just go outside to smoke and not smoke in the car will help you immensely.  
They are slowly killing you, but probably don't believe it.  They don't 
realize what they are doing.  If they want to hurt themselves it is one 
thing, but they need to understand that they are hurting other people as 
well.  Maybe a doctor can impress this upon them using you as an example.  No 
matter what, though, you need to see a doctor.
    We're not medical people here, just a great group of people who know what 
others are going through.  Stick around, we become family real fast.
Luv ya,
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