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[MOL] Cigna to cut medicare hmo's....YIKES!!!!

Monday, June 05, 2000
Cigna to Cut Medicare HMOs

      One of the nation's largest health insurance companies says it will stop offering a Medicare HMO plan in several major cities next January.
       Cigna says reduced government fees and competition lead to this decision. Other large health-care plans, including Aetna, the country's biggest health insurer, are expected to follow suit.
      Friday's announcement from Cigna will affect approximately 104,000 Cigna Medicare HMO members. Cigna says it will remove Medicare HMO plans from markets in Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Baltimore, New York City, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Tampa, Tucson, Richmond, Va., northern New Jersey, Connecticut, Tennessee and Delaware. Current Cigna HMO members will have to sign up with another HMO or join the traditional Medicare program offered by the federal government.
      During the 1990s, many senior citizens enrolled in Medicare HMOs because they had low or no premiums, and offered benefits not available through the traditional Medicare program, such as prescription drug coverage, an issue that's been hotly debated in Congress.
--By Katrina Woznicki

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