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In a message dated 06/05/2000 3:36:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

 and feeling quite>  full of despair and wishing that I could go with her (I 
know that sounds>  weird).  I fear the future without her here. 
    You know what, Dusty ? - I suspect it's the reveral of the parent/child 
role thing...  My father holding my hand when I was little and afraid of 
going to school...pushing me on a swing, coming into my room after a horrible 
nightmare to calm me, etc.  I think it's that I would like to be able to hold 
*his* hand and help him "across the *big* street" when the time comes, but I 
also know that there will be others to do that - my mother, my grandparents, 
my Aunts, my uncle and my father will be as happy to see them again as he 
will be sad to leave us here. But you are right, the fear of life without a 
parent is so terrifying, whether you are 10 years old or 100. My stepmother 
lost her mother only a few years ago at 101 years of age!!! Virginia was 
already 70 yrs herself and she commented how "alone" she felt in the world.  
It is just as hard to be an adult orphan as it is a child one. And the 
demands of an adult life and a demanding world don't allow much time or 
patience for an "adult" to grieve. -chris
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