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In a message dated 06/05/2000 1:55:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

>  I think I appear to
>  keep it all together, my family is always commenting on my incredible
>  strength and clearheadedness. It is only on the outside though. I have
>  so much keeping me busy it is easy to just keep on moving and working,
>  and not appear to be eaten up by this. But the truth is that inside I am
>  so torn up I wonder if I am really keeping it together. 
    Lisa, I know well this feeling you describe - and you did it very well, I 
might add. But as someone who works for a counseling agency I'd like to 
suggest even more support than here.  Grief is a funny thing and it will rear 
it's ugly head at very bad times if you aren't able to recognize it.  I 
discovered that when I lost my mother many years ago.  I had a new baby and 
to keep me busy and didn't even realize till YEARS later how much I needed to 
grieve.  I'm not sure I even have YET, but I do know that it plays into the 
tremendous fear I have of losing my Dad and feeling abandoned and orphaned.
    It helps a great deal that my boss is a therapist because our "lunches" 
turn into therapy sessions for me and it really does help. But for myself, I 
must say that prayer has been the utmost help and don't be shy about asking 
anyone and everyone for their prayers!  I am always freshly amazed at the 
strength it gives and the miracles it has bestowed in my life.  -chris
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