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[MOL] Lillian

Title: Lillian

Hi Lillian,

Thanks for asking, she has had an amazing week.  It has now been 10 days w/out throwing up.  They put her on some kind of nasal steroid but that is the only difference.  The oncologist said that they will continue w/ the aredia to alleviate the hypercalcemia until Mom decides she is tired of it.  We're just going to take it one day at a time.  Starting this week, I am going to take wed & thurs. off so I can spend some good, quality time w/ her and also help my sister out.  She & her fiance own their own business so lately she hasn't been going to work in order to stay w/ Mom.  Mom has a couple of falls and mixed up medicine so we want her to not be alone at all anymore.  Hospice is coming about 1-2 times a week.  It's weird Lillian, like we have a short reprieve.  Before this, I was certain death was close but it just wasn't time.  I'm grateful and doing as well as can be expected.  I feel fairly strong right now and just really cherishing every single moment.  It makes my sister sick sometimes that I can be so cheery but I feel like God has done that for me in order to not be in despair.  I don't mean that I am happy, I just mean that I am in a grateful state.  Denise feels kind of bitter but somehow we are still lovingly connected as we are enduring this together.  My son has just been the epitome of sweetness and has given his NaNa alot of love and he puts on a lot of shows for her, he is a real show off (like his Dad, ha ha).

Better go, love you,