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[MOL] Re: One request, one more.

Franciso:  the Mol address is mol-cancer@lists.meds.com  ; but you need to
sign up at this location so that you will get your responses from your Mol
friends:  http://www.meds.com/forums/mol_con_signup.html

i will more than be happy to forward your e-mail to the molers, they will be
happy to hear from you.  Warmly, your friend, lillian

> Dear Lillian,
> I hope you are feeling fine. I'm writing you to ask you if you could
> please send the message that I have attached below to he MOL list. I don't
> remember the address and because my job, I'm not at home.
> Thank you in advance, please.
> Francisco
> Hi all,
>  I don't know if some of you remember me, I'm mailing
> from Spain because the mother of a friend of mine has
>   I wish you all the best.
>   But I'm here again asking for any short of help or
> advice. The mother of my friend has a very swollen
> abdomen, she's looks like pregnant. Doctors said that
> is the chemo that is causing this swolling. Has
> anybody any advice or suffer this?
>   She's still fighting and she will, although this
> month she won't receive the chemo dosis because she's
> low defenses, I hope you could understandme despite
> of my bad English.
> Please, let me send you my very best wishes, and
> thank you in advance for your help and for the
> prayers in which, please, you could include a little
> milisecond for the will of the mother of my friend.
> Best regards,
> Francisco.
> f.millan@motorola.com
> (the mother of my friend Yolanda was dx NSCLC IIIB
> May 98, treated with Cisplatin+taxol+Gemzar until
> progression now she's in Irinotecan+Vinorelbine since
> September 99)
>        Francisco

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