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[MOL] Dusti

Dear Dusti,
Thank you so much for your special attention to this subject. No you did
not sound negative. As a matter of fact my mother has progressed also to
the point where she is sort of already gone, too. Her disease is not
survivable (we are still hoping for a miracle) and since it is a brain
tumor her speech and personality have changed considerably. She does not
speak much anynore, and when she does it usually doen't make much sense.
She uses absract words and sounds to try to get her message across. I am
the only one who understands any of it when she is at these points, and
still I don't understand much. She is always grateful for any
interpertation at all. She also has terrible side effects from her
sweeling that come and go. Thaks for your storu about your mom it is
helpful to hear someone keeping it all together. I think I appear to
keep it all together, my family is always commenting on my incredible
strength and clearheadedness. It is only on the outside though. I have
so much keeping me busy it is easy to just keep on moving and working,
and not appear to be eaten up by this. But the truth is that inside I am
so torn up I wonder if I am really keeping it together. I am grateful
for the support I have found here on the forum because I have a definite
problem asking for help from my husband and friends. I have to go now to
the hospital. Today we are trying a new chemo, Irinotecan on her today
and she will need to be under observation for heavier side effect. I
will not be available for another day or so. I will write in soon. Thank
you so much.   LisaFix


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