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RE: [MOL] Over at last

Dearest Bess, 
My heart is very heavy for you, friend. I thank you for taking the 
time to share with us the final moments of your time with Tom, as 
well as your description of this wonderful man. The world is indeed 
a poorer place for his passing, and it hurts to know that this loss 
comes so soon after the loss of your father. I hope that your heart 
will be at peace, and that you will not waste a moment second-
guessing your decisions. God calls each of us home according to his 
own timing, not before, and not after. You did above and beyond 
anything anyone could have for a loved one; I hope you know that. 
Please know that you have a caring family here among the Molers, and 
that your are never alone. And if there is anything I can do, just 
let me know. Lovingly, Joicy

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