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[MOL] Molers; Update info.!

First, Marty will be back on line the end of this week.  I have told him about our friend who's mother has A-Cup (his wife has this) so he will be prepared to help.
Secondly:  Sunday a week ago the show "Touch By An Angel" had a episode on Breast Cancer.  Someone sort of beat us to the punch, or did they steal your idea?
Thirdly:  If you are a KAVA TEA drinker, BEWARE!  A man was arrested in California for "driving under the influence".  He had only been drinking non spiked Kava tea.  The same thing happened in another state.  Kava tea is an herb tea, easily obtainable.  This is just too funny!
Hope  you have a good day, warmly, lillian
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