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Hi Sue!  Welcome to our forum.  Please know that we are not in the medical profession, rather we are either on the cancer journey or associated with the cancer journey.  I have included some information that perhaps will help you.  Warmly, your friend, lillian
The normal white blood count varies from person to person and with age. Children typically have slightly higher counts than adults; they range from 4,500 to 10,000. (Remember to keep records of the blood tests of you and your children, so you can know what's normal for each person.)

Platelet Count


You should have 200,000 to 300,000 platelets in a mm3 (uL) of blood. A count below this implies a toxin in the bone marrow where they are made, or a destruction process going on after they arrive in your blood. An allergic response may cause platelets to burst and be suddenly gone, too. When platelets are sparse, not enough clotting action is present in blood. Surpris­ingly, our blood vessels spring leaks all the time, and must be patched by platelets. Numerous small bleeds do not get patched, and are allowed to develop, when the platelet count drops below 100,000. If dental work is necessary and platelets are below

100,000, a dose of platelets should be given just a few hours before the appointment (not sooner).

Platelets should be given before the mouth and gums are bleeding. Removing copper, cobalt, vanadium and azo dyes re­stores the bone marrow’s ability to make platelets again.

As the platelet count drops below 10,000, emergency care is needed. Extra precaution against copper toxicity is now most important. Every food, every supplement, all water, every drug must be tested for copper before it is given to the patient as a double precaution against pollution. Large doses of magnesium (magnesium oxide, 300 mg, three a day) will slow platelet de­struction.

Of course, dental extractions to remove the copper, cobalt, vanadium, and germanium will trigger the very bleeding that is necessitating platelet transfusions. But time is of the essence every minute counts now. Without the dental clean-up, death is certain.With the dental work, survival is at least possible. Dental surgery should be done in a hospital where blood and platelets can be immediately given, bleeding stopped by clinical means and other emergencies attended to.

High platelet levels such as over 400,000 results in too much clotting activity; the blood will run sluggishly because it is too viscous and therefore does not deliver enough oxygen and food to the cells. A small amount of niacin (1/16 teaspoon or a pinch) and an equally small dose of aspirin ( baby aspirin) are given three times a day to thin the blood in this case. Platelet counts of 500,000 to 800,000 tell us there is a small amount of bleeding going on chronically somewhere in your body (the body is trying to stop it by clotting it!) The bleeding should be searched for. However, often the platelet count does not go up, as expected, so bleeding must be guessed at by watching the RBC to see if it is steadily dropping.


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what is normal for a person 84 years old