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Re: [MOL] hi jeanie

Dear Jeanie:  I was sorry to hear you're leaving Utah, although I'm glad 
you're going to be with your mother.  This is very important.  My sister 
lives in Ogden, and I visit her there frequently.  I love the Wasatch range, 
and find the people in that area so warm and friendly.  My heart goes out to 
you for what you're going through, but I'm happy to hear that your mother has 
a great attitude.  I faced the possibility of dying almost three years ago, 
and I have a feeling that deep in her soul your mother has done this, too.  
She sounds like a wonderful person.  

Our friends online who would have the most information about an unknown 
primary would be Marty Auslander, who is currently on vacation with his 
beloved Barb, or Jeanne Kissinger, who I believe is on vacation, too!  Bully 
for them!

Let me know if I can do anything to help.

Your friend -- kathy in Boise 
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