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Lisa, I know I'm butting in on your and Lillians conversation but I have
only one story to tell.
 An acquaintance of mine was in the same position as your mom.  He did
not want anyone to tell him, "you can't"!   Anyone trying to tell him he
couldn't live much longer angered him beyond belief!  If the patient
doesn't want the "downer" of being told "you can't" then no one should
think he has the right to blat that out to them.  If the patient asks,
then truth is most times best.  I personally feel that each person knows
when to keep fighting and when it's not worth it any more.   All we can
do is love them and support them and let them do it their way. You are
surely doing all that.  My prayers are going out for all of you at this
time. Loves Charlotte

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