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[MOL] Greetings from Jeanie

I joined the MOL Cancer forum about a week ago, and have been "lurking",
devouring the information disseminated and enjoying the dialogue between
very selfless and sensitive people (plus the humor...boy, do I need a dose
of it now!!!!).

I am a caregiver...my mother was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma with unknown
primary approximately a month ago.  The cancer has metastisized to the
brain, spleen, and esophogus--and thus the prognosis is very poor.  She has
just completed 12 treatments of radiation to the brain, and will start
chemotherapy on Monday.  She has a tremendous attitude, for which I am most
thankful...although we all know that we will have some tough roads ahead.
We lost my father ten years ago to sarcoma (stomach, liver, and pancreas),
and I am an only child--with no extended family.  My husband and I currently
live north of Salt Lake City, Utah, and my mother lives in Huntsville,
Alabama, which is my home town.  We have been struggling with what to do, as
we are reluctant to take Mom out of the Huntsville area where she has a
support circle of friends and neighbors.  We have decided to pick up roots
and move to Alabama to be with her.  I am thankful that our life situation
enables us to make this move in short order, as I know that time is so
precious.  My husband, Steve (who is Australian...I know it doesn't quite
count as a "Pommie", David....but that language barrier is still just as
prominent!!), is currently in Alabama with Mom (Mum according to Steve!),
and I am back in Utah trying to get our things in order.  The company I work
for has agreed to transfer me to Alabama, and we anticipate that I will get
the nod sometime next week.

The search of information is a long and arduous one....does anyone have any
information on adenocarcinoma with unknown primary?  I have found small
blurbs of information, but most of what I have uncovered has little "meat"
to it.  I would appreciate anything that anyone could float my direction.

I am thankful to have found such a forum, and do appreciate all of the good
information and people I have been exposed to this past week.



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