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[MOL] A clinical trial for colorectal carcinoma with liver metastases....Phase 1

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Clinical Trials - IMC-1C11

IMC-1C11 is a chimerized monoclonal antibody that was developed to inhibit tumor growth by preventing the development of capillaries to tumors from pre-existing blood vessels.  This is accomplished by preventing a Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) from binding to its endothelial cell receptor (KDR).  The endothelial cell is the principal cell involved in the formation of new blood capillaries.  When VEGF binds to KDR, tumor cells are stimulated to produce new blood vessels and ensure an adequate blood supply to the tumor, enabling the tumor to grow.  This process is called tumor angiogenesis.  The KDR receptor is found almost exclusively on the surface of growing human endothelial cells.  Targeting endothelial cells represents a departure from traditional cancer chemotherapy.  Rather than killing cancer cells, anti-angiogenesis drugs exert their anti-tumor effects by interfering with molecular events required only for new blood vessel formation.  This approach allows one to combat cancers with agents that are not cytotoxic in nature and highly selective for the intended target cell population.

Clinical trials of IMC-1C11currently enrolling patients are as follows:

A pharmacokinetically-guided, phase I dose-escalation clinical trial of IMC-1C11 is open for enrollment in patients with colorectal carcinoma with liver metastases.  Patients are treated with IMC-1C11 to evaluate safety, changes in the blood supply to the tumor, drug levels of IMC-1C11 present in the circulation, and any anti-tumor effects.



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