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Lisa:  I am going to butt in here.  If you contact the hospital where your
mother goes UCLA (I know it well) (in fact it was named one of the top
cancer hospitals this year!).  They more than likely have either their own
apt. type complex, a arrangement with motels for discounts or something.
Most major hospitals have this now; as so many people travel from all over
the world to these major hospitals.  Now, I am not sure the children can
stay; so you would need to ask.  I would also suggest that you go to the
American Cancer Society, your local chapter and perhaps they would arrange
for gas allowance for you, I am assuming you are your mothers care giver.

We have plenty of information on facing death; but lets wait a bit before we
go that route.  There is still time for hope and that is the most important
thing right now.  I am truly sorry that your mother and all of you are going
through this.  We certainly understand your heavy heart.  Warmly, your
friend, lillian

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