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I know Kenny must have scared the britches off of you; but thank God he is on a rebound.  I have been so worried about the two of you. Why did they give Ken Ativan? Thanks for sharing with me.
I was very sorry to hear about your father Peggy.  Be careful, one has to grieve or you will crash and have to go to that great big white house called the "ha ha farm".  Are you taking an ani-depressant?
In the four year's I have been with the forum this has been the worse as far as the lack of wellness and sadness.  I used to brag that we hardly ever lost anyone, we went two year's with no deaths.  Then we lost 3 at one time.  This year we have lost 4 already and are about to loose a couple more.  Bess husband and Dusti's mother.  My husband and I met Bess and Tom while my husband was undergoing treatment, we stayed at Joicy's house and honestly Peggy, I swear cancer manages to grab the best there are. Golly, you should see me break down and cry behind this screen. I am sitting here in the ugliest flannel night robe I have ever seen; but it was given to me by a friend who died not too long ago.  To me it is the most beautiful night robe I have ever had.  Enough of this subject.
Again don't ever worry about rambling with me, I truly understand it all.  Lovingly and prayers, lillian
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Hi Lillian,

Thanks for asking! I stopped home to get more clothes and do a few things.  I've been staying with my mom hence no computer to work with.  I don'tknow what you know so I'll give you a quick synopsis from last Thursday pm.  I could not wake Ken from a (we know now) a pneumonia induced coma.  I called 911 and they could not arouse him either.  He stopped breating at the hospital and they intubated him and he's been on the ventilator ever since.  He was stabilized and everything was looking up.  His immune system crashed after the treatment, which we did expect but not this badly.  On Monday he had been given Ativan and he reacted badly and pulled the tube out.  They couldnt reinsert the one he was on and had to go to a smaller one to keep him alive.  He arrested and they had their hands full, but they finally got the smaller one in.  He couldn't sustain on that one too long so yesterday they did a traech and he's doing wonderful.  His immune system is now rebounding even though he has the pneumonia, but it is clearing up.  Ken has had so much surgery on his neck and radiation scarring that intubating him is almost impossible.  He was fully aware they were going to do the traech and told them to do whatever they needed to keep him alive.  It appears to me now that all will be well.

What I've not told anyone and feel so bad about is that while we were in New Jersey I got a call that my father had died and I had to fly home to be with my mom.  I am the only child and it was a terrible thing for my mother to have me gone and have to handle most of this without me.  My kids ALL came to her aid and spent countless hours helping her after I flew back.  They were on a gambling trip with some of my husbands family (we were going, but ended up going to NJ) so there were people to help her they were 250 miles from home, he said he'd never had so much fun and when they got to the motel they were to stay at he took and nap and never awoke.  Mom had him cremated up there and his ashes sent home.  We had to put off his memorial for almost a month because I was gone.  Unbelieveably I have not grieved yet, I guess too much going on with Kenny both in NJ and now here.  Didn't mean to run on, but for some reason it just poured out.


Lillian wrote:

How is your husband doing?  I have been so concerned for the two of you, can you give us an update? Love and prayers, lillian  We invite you to take a look at our Album.   ( Very informational, good tips, Molers pictures, art work and much more....