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FW: [MOL] It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

Hi, I'm David, and joined the forum back in October time as I was the main
career for my Grandmother who had terminal Bowel cancer and had secondary to
the liver.  I know your going to find this forum as addictive as I do.
Sadly, (for me anyway) my grandmother passed on in April.  I thought many
times about quitting the forum but feel I know the people on here really
well.  Its like having an extension to my family.
Coping comes in many forms.  For me it was doing battle witht he doctors
when they said things I didn't agree with, trying to find the best care and
making sure Nan knew what was going on.  It did take a toll, but in my mind,
I still had the upper hand on the cancer, as I was always calling the shots
with the medics.  You need to be there for you mum, (Being English I find it
hard to type Mom) but just as importantly, you need to take time for you.
Cry and lash out when you need to, laugh hysterically and don;t feel guilty
if you do.
You say you don't know who to contact about death and what to do next, I
can;t say about that as I am over the over side of the Atlantic, and I'm
finding out how different things are over here to the US (See the Zucchini
posts!!), but everyone on the forum will be able to help you along on the
journey.  The are a great bunch of people.
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Dear Dusti, 
I just subscribed last night. Happy birthday. I am also 27 years old and
dealing with my mother's terminal brain tumor. What kind of cancer does your
mother have and what treatments has she recieved? We have just started this
journey but we have already done 30 radiation treatments, and aare going
onto the second type of chemo, and also endured a craniotomy earlier in the
year. I am really scared and I am wondering what ways you and other young
people are using to cope. I have never dealt with death, not even with a
pet. What should I do or who should I contact? I know I sound like a baby
but until the diagnosis I was always a "Mama's girl" and now I find myself
mothering my mother instead. I want to be strong. What can I do?

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Hi everyone, 

Well I am the big '27' today.  Getting ready to visit Mom's Onc.  I'll check
in later and hope everyone's day is going well. 


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