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FW: [MOL] sore throat and caughing

although I'm not sure if it is a side affect or not, but I remember my nan
going through the same thing.  She had a resection, and extensive bouts of
chemo and radiotherapy, and during the last few weeks she also developed an
irritating cough.
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I have never heard of a reaction like that from radiation therapy, but ask
her doctor about the effects of chemotherapy. Sometimes chemotherapy can
erode the mucous membranes, including the mouth and throat. I am not a
doctor, but I have heard of this reactoin from certain types of chemo. Check
it out.    LisaFix 

Ressy Rosemberg wrote: 

Hi,My mother is undergoing radiotherapy due to a breast cancer with
mastectomy.She is also having chemiotherapy (CMF) and Tamoxifen.Now she is
caughing (after 5 weeks of radiotherapy) and her throat is hurting real bad
(cannot swollow).Can the radiotherapy have this side effect?Thank you for
your attention,Ressu

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