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RE: [MOL] Favourite thing

Hi Dusti and David , can I butt in on the zucchini thing?
Here in Ohio we also fry them, cut them in strip to be served along with
carrot strips. make pancakes , make bread out of them,  make artificial
pineapple out of them and also make " spiders" out of the.   There is
also a great salad recipe where they are cubed along with other summer
squash etc.   The biggest challenge for the gardner is how to get rid of
all of them as they are so prolific.
That is one of the reason we lock our car doors when we go to town. If
we don't some one is bound to put a grocery sack full of zucchini in the
back seat!  Then you have to sneak around and find another car whose
poor hapless owner has forgotten to lock up, and sneak it into his car!

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