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Re: [MOL] updates on aml/Tommy

Hi Donna,

It's probably about time for an update on Tommy!  He was released from the 
hospital a week ago.  They don't have the results back yet as to whether or 
not he's in remission, but they should know in the next few days.  Although 
his blood counts were up when he left the hospital, he was still in need of 
platelet transfusions and has had several this past week.

His wife Wendy has become such a good caregiver, the docs were willing to let 
him go home, even though it meant she was going to have to administer meds by 
IV for the first week he was home.  He still had about a weeks worth of 7 or 
so drugs that they wanted to get into him.  It has been tough for her because 
the meds needed to be very precise and administered between 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. 
every day.  She's about ready for a real night's sleep again!  But having him 
home is much better than having him in the hospital.  He always gets sicker 
there.  Catches infections and such.

I'm sure you already know that he has relapsed once now (primarily because 
they had to delay the consolidation chemo due to treating a fungus 
infection).  They waited to long and the leukemia came back.

The plan now is to get him healthy enough for at least one more round of 
consolidation chemo, then do the BMT.  He still has a 100% matched donor 
waiting.  I'm on a business trip right now in southern CA and when I get home 
on Saturday am going over to his house for a mid afternoon bbq.  I was gone 
over the Memorial Day weekend so it's been over a week since I've seen him 
and I really miss him...

Wendy is starting a home based career in graphic design and is very artistic 
and talented!  So she's trying to create a way to make money that allows her 
the flexibility to help care for Tommy.  We've still got a ways to go.  Their 
twin boys are doing great!  Man oh man are they ever full of energy!!!

It's always ok to ask about Tommy.  I love talking about him.  He is so 
incredible and still has that sparkle that keeps reassuring me he's in it for 
the long haul.  In any case, he is at peace with whatever happens and is 
still doing everything he can to help fight while enduring the roller coaster 
ride we're all on.

Thanks again for your concern.

Warmly,  Kathy Q
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