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Re: FW: [MOL] Favourite thing

Dear David:  How funny.  I'll tell my sister you said that.  She makes 
regular trips to the UK.  The last time she stayed in London, she and a 
friend shared a flat owned by Rudolph Nureyev.  She brings home the most 
wonderful fabrics, napkins, etc. when she visits the UK.  Also, lovely prints 
-- William Morris -- that sort of thing.  We are talking about going there 
together soon -- to London.  I have no money to speak of, but she has much, 
and she's more than willing to share in order to have a traveling companion.  
I would love to go to England.  My ancestors are English and Welsh.  I think 
in a previous life I lived in Devon.  (Don't freak out, folks!)  It's just 
that when I read about it, I feel I've been there.  The author Delderfield 
wrote about it so beautifully.  You said YOU had "waffled" on!!  I beatcha!

Love, Kathy
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