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Re: [MOL] Re: Breast Implants

Dear Susan:  I'm so sorry to hear about your mother!!!  What kind of lung 
cancer does she have?  I'm a survivor of sclc -- the most aggressive kind, 
they tell me.  I'll remember her in my prayers.  It wouldn't just be ironic 
if you got breast cancer -- it would be terrible.  Just be sure to get 
regular mammograms -- that's how mine was discovered -- and it's Stage Zero 
-- precancerous.  I don't know exactly why I'm having discomfort from the 
expander, but I'll find out tomorrow.  The stitches will be removed then and 
some saline will be injected.  I might feel better then.  Right now, it isn't 
so bad, anyway.  Thanks for your concern and your post.

Love, Kathy in Boise
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