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[MOL] Top Performance

Denver, Colorado April 2000 - Introducing Equine Acupressure,  

A Hands-On Approach video has just been released on a worldwide basis. Professionally produced by The Idea Store, this fifty minute VHS 

video in stereo brings to life the ancient and powerful techniques of equine acupressure - an all natural 

method of bringing optimal health and top performance to your horse, maximize their performance, and 

improve their mental focus for training.  Horse trainers, chiropractors, and competitors are singing the 

praises of this new video by Marie Soderberg, CMT and Nancy Zidonis. Introducing Equine 

Acupressure is a beautifully produced training designed to give the basics of a complete treatment 

session plus specific point work for arthritis, hindquarter strengthening, lameness, pain reduction, calming, 

mental focus and other common equine problems.  This new video condenses eight hours of basic training 

by Marie Soderberg and Nancy Zidonis whose work has served as the model for equine acupressure, into 

an easy to follow, enjoyable introduction. Soderberg and Zidonis are internationally renowned for their 

acupressure training clinics and are the authors of several books on acupressure published around the 

world including Equine Acupressure, A Working Manual. This video is currently available at a 

pre-release price of $29.95 plus S & H by calling 1-800-990-1108   . The book is also available.

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