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    My son was born with a giant congenital nevus and one of the ways to 
remove it was to use tissue expansion.  Is this the same procedure for breast 
reconstruction?  Aaron had 23 surgeries (he's now 11 and decided against any 
more surgeries) and at least 8 sets of expanders were used to partially 
remove his nevus.  He had a set of 2 expanders placed under his skin and once 
a week we went to the doctor for him to inject saline into it. Curiously - he 
had no pain, just some discomfort until a few hours later.  I'm also asking 
because breast cancer runs in the family and wouldn't it be ironic to use the 
same procedure/technique my son went through?  My mom has lung cancer right 
now and has a lump in her breast.  Her doctor doesn't think the breast is 
something to worry about as the lung cancer is terminal.  Would love to hear 
your response.  

Susan C.
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