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Bess Dear:  We will all be praying for your father and you and our Tom.
This is one hell of a roller coaster you have been on and my heart is heavy.
I just wish I could head to N.Y. and grab you and give you one very big long
hug and take all your sorrow away.  I am going to assume that Tom when he
could not breathe went into a panic attack.  I know how it feels when you
can't breathe, it is definitely most frightening.  Please be careful with
the oxygen friend.  Too much can do brain damage.  I would strongly suggest
that you either change Hospice Programs or go off of it.  You may want to
try the Visiting Nurses Assoc. for help.  Something is dreadfully wrong with
the care the present Hospice is giving.  The other thing I don't understand,
for the Hospice to say you would have to come in for Tom to be stabilized.
Were you to call 911 for an ambulance, they would insist on him being
treated; if you refused life support then they would have notified DSS for
neglect.  This happened to me; so I know first hand.  What an ordeal that
was. Very heavy duty praying comes your way starting immediately.  Love you
friend, lillian

Yes it is different.  We get a nurse once a week who listens to Tom's chest
and not much of anything else.  I'm pretty fed up.  Tonight Tom had a
breathing crisis--the two tanks were on 23 (the highest they go) and he
couldn't breathe even with the mask.  I called the hospice and they said
close after 5:00 and that no one could come to visit me--we would have to
come in there to be stabilized.  Am trying to write my father's eulogy for
tomorrow and hope  that Tom doesn't get in bad shape while I'm away.  Love.

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