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Hi LIllian,  Yes, I guess I am alright.
I've been a little down in the dumps lately.
A friend who will be 60 the third ,called me just crying her heart out.
She has found a lump near the incision from a lumpectomy she had 20
years ago.
I have known her since she was 10 yrs. old, and she has never been the
brave type.
She has a needle phobia on top of every thing else.
 We agreed it could just be inflamed scar tissue, but it sure looked
suspicious to me.
I made the appointment and took her to the doctor.  He wanted xray,
then wanted CT and bone scan.  The last two requiring needle work of
course.  I thought she was going to convulse on me.   She has no control
of her fear.
She just breaks my heart.  
We will go tomorrow to get the test results.  Please pray they come back
My "thundering herd" was home over the week end. Sure was glad to see
them.  They change so much over a 3 month period.
Well, thanks for asking about me. I don't say much but I'm lurking in
the back ground.
     By the way, the oncologist took me off of IP6 , Lipitor and
Prilosic because my stomach hurt big time and my hands were swelling.  I
go back the 22nd.
Take care of you.  Love Charlotte

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